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Life at the Centre

Although the nuns are able to manage the workload of caring for the children, having the support of outsiders such as the volunteers and visitors to assist in feeding and entertaining the children is always viewed as a great help to these permanent caregivers. Also the different people who interact with the children in many […]

Future Planned Projects

Maize Mill and Sunflower Oil Extraction Plant: The project is intended to help the community to process maize and sunflower seeds both of which are produced by the community in plenty especially when the rain season is good. Usually women travel over 10km in order to reach the nearest facility to process the crops. This […]

Current Project News

The Centre is happy to share with donors and friends the progress of projects, which are intended to contribute financially to the needs of children in the future and so giving security during adverse economic times when hand outs from donors diminish. Dairy cows: there are 10 animals (6 cows, 1 bull and 4 calves) […]

Finding families for the children

The CNCC works closely with the Rombo District Department of Social Welfare to ensure some of the children at the Centre are connected with their families. In order to facilitate these connections, CNCC has loaned a ‘piki piki’ (motorcycle) to the Rombo District Commissioner for the Social Welfare Officer to visit these families. CNCC wants […]