The Centre greatly values the support provided by many people and organizations who have donated money and in some cases goods in kind to assist with meeting the operational costs of the Centre.

We have not until now established sponsorship arrangements for individual children as we have preferred our donors to see the children as a family group.

However we now encourage donors to sponsor individual children whose photos and brief history are provided on the Kids Gallery page. Once a child has been identified for sponsorship, please contact the Centre’s Coordinator who will maintain a record of the sponsorship and provide updates on the child’s progress.

The cost of caring for the children includes their food, clothing, medical and other expenses directly relating to their upkeep. The annual cost per child is currently US$600 or US$50 per month.

General support for operational costs, of whatever amount, is of course still very welcome including for example the purchase of clothing or food for the children or payment of electricity costs.

The Centre also has an Education Fund so that the school fees of children studying in boarding schools which teach in the English language can be met. These fees are commonly around US$800 per year and donor support is welcome.

Our secure credit card donation facility may be most convenient for donations but direct transfers to our US dollar and Tanzania Shilling bank accounts in Tanzania are also possible. Please see the Contact Us page for the email facility so the Centre Coordinator can provide details.

USA citizens who wish to donate directly via bank transfers instead of by our secure credit card facility are invited to contact the Coordinator (see the Contact Us page) for the charitable trust account details. Direct payment facilities are also available in the United Kingdom.