Current Project News

The Centre is happy to share with donors and friends the progress of projects, which are intended to contribute financially to the needs of children in the future and so giving security during adverse economic times when hand outs from donors diminish.

Dairy cows: there are 10 animals (6 cows, 1 bull and 4 calves) at the moment. The cows are currently producing 500 litres per month which is more than sufficient for the children. The surplus is sold to the local community.

Piggery: Unfortunately the piggery project, which was thriving with 54 pigs, lost 80% of them due to the outbreak of African Swine Fever in Kilimanjaro and Arusha Regions. This project will delay re-stocking until there is sufficient information from the District Veterinary Department that the disease is no longer active in the affected regions.

Poultry: There are about 300 layers and those ready for laying are giving 210 eggs (or 7 trays) a day. The extra eggs from feeding children are sold to the local people, hotels, restaurants and groceries. This project may yield good results ahead of the rest.

Horticulture: The Centre is self-sustaining with a variety of vegetables grown over a quarter acre area. Newly planted banana stems and other kinds of fruits are growing well.

Water project: The borehole provides a good amount of water daily to the local community especially during the dry season. During the current dry season, the Centre provides about 11,000 litres of water a day to the community. Previously women and children travelled long distances sometimes at night to fetch water for cooking, drinking and washing. They find this facility a great relief. The same source supplies to the Centre’s animals and gardens for drinking, cleaning and irrigation.

Ambulance: We are glad to report the completion of the Toyota Landcruiser conversion. The vehicle was donated by the Kiwanis Service Club from the Netherlands, and the costs of painting and mechanical work were paid for by the Dutch Foundation and friends of the Gaskell family from Australia. The cost of the final job of converting the vehicle into an ambulance was donated by Rajinder Motors of Moshi.


The Library:

We are also happy to report that the Centre has a new library, thanks to a donation from the Martin Luther Chapel at Michigan State University, USA, facilitated by Judy Brazil Schmidt, to pay for the renovation of the room and the furniture. We are also grateful to the School of St. Jude who donated children books which is a big help for the kindergarten and primary school children.