The annual cost of running the Centre is more than US$100,000 so with the current 60 resident children the cost of keeping each child at the Centre is around US$1600 per year.

The audited Financial Statements are readily accessible to evidence the finances of the Centre.

The current costs of running the Centre are met by the founder and some individual and organizational donors but the uncertainty of future funding from these sources makes it necessary to broaden the funding base.

Local and international donors are essential for the future functioning of the Centre with its high standards of care and governance.

The Donate page provides details of opportunities to support the Centre financially.

A Foundation has been set up in the Netherlands by a Dutch couple, Dr. Pieter de Haas and his wife Olga. Funds raised by this couple have helped in many ways to improve the Centre’s facilities and by establishing projects aimed at sustainable development of the Centre. The knowledge and skills of the couple, who have spent many months at the Centre since its establishment, have been a great help in establishing the high standards set by the Centre in caring for the children. The Foundation can be contacted via their website

Another Foundation with charitable status has been set up in the United States of America. USA citizens who wish to donate directly via bank transfer instead of by our secure credit card facility are invited to contact the Coordinator (see the Contact Us page) for the account details. Direct payment facilities are also available in the United Kingdom.

Cornel Ngaleku Children Centre – 2012 Annual Financial Report